About Monte Zucker Photographic Education
Monte Zucker Photographic Education was formed in 2007 shortly before Monte’s passing with the goal of continuing Monte’s expansive educational achievements. Our mission is to provide the finest photographic instruction in the world in honor of Monte’s legacy as a legendary instructor and mentor. Our approach utilizes all of the finest forms of education to provide the aspiring photographer a comprehensive set of tools to reach his or her artistic potential. Monte Zucker Photographic Education authors books, produces DVD instruction, holds internationally-acclaimed tours, teaches in-depth photography masterclasses around the world.
Monte Zucker wasn’t labeled “The Creator” because he’s been around forever, he’s called “The Creator” because his style never goes stale. Monte Zucker is to photography what the Beatles are to music. Monte Zucker changed wedding photography as we know it today. He also changed the way we photograph couples and families. Monte’s educational seminars and classes were attended by over 100,000 photographers on 6 continents. Photographers sought his instruction because, when it comes to posing people and lighting them, Monte is one of the all-time legendary masters.
Monte achieved just about every photographic degree that exists—including Portrait Photographer of the Year from the United Nations in 2002. Based on the classical tradition, Monte’s portraiture has never strayed far from his original intent – to capture a moment in people’s lives and memorialize it for posterity, In his own words, “I don’t photograph the world as it is, I photograph the world as I would like it to be.” Monte's legacy of simple, direct, and emotional portraits changed photographic history—and still resonates today.
Monte Zucker Photographic Education has a strong tradition of creating nationwide tours that bring seminar-style education home to thousands of photographers each year. In addition to the four previous tours listed below, we are producing three nationwide tours this year, including the 43-appearance How To Photograph Everyone Tour beginning of March of 2012.


Monte Zucker Photographic Education has created the ultimate Masterclass experience. With so many photographers seeking on-on-one training, we have set up hands-on instruction that teaches you great photographic fundamentals and feeds your love of traveling.


Monte Zucker Photographic Education’s instructors teach and the finest and largest photography-related tradeshows worldwide. These invitation-only opportunities represent the peak of photographic educational attainment. Below is a partial list of some of the conventions we’ve spoken at during the last 12 months
Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
The world’s largest tradeshow devoted to the portrait and wedding photographer, WPPI has 16,000 attendees during its annual Las Vegas convention. It’s extensive lineup of educational platform classes makes it the single largest source of photographic education in the world.
PND Photoplus Convention
Held during the fall annually in New York City, this is the largest photography tradeshow in the country with 24,000 attendees annually. Platform classes and seminars augment the tradeshow as a source of photographic inspiration and development.
Consumer Electronics Show
The world’s largest technology tradeshow, this convention features 150,000 attendees, more then 30,000 international visitors, and features photography and photographic products prominently.
Photo Marketers Association Convention
Now held in conjunction with CES, this tradeshow of worldwide members is dedicated to connecting camera stores and suppliers and features an array of advanced education for the professional photographer.
Photoshop World Convention
The largest gathering of Photoshop professionals annually features dozens of high-octane classes for the professional or enthusiast, covering topics as diverse of photo instruction, photoshop retouching, and filmmaking.
Imaging USA Convention
The official convention of the Professional Photographers of America features 10,000 highly-trained professionals and an array of advanced photographic education in the form of platform classes, keynote addresses, and seminars.
Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
Europe’s largest convention dedicated to the portrait and wedding photographer, this show is held annually every January in London. The SWPP Convention provides the single largest source of photography instruction in all of Europe with a lineup of classes dedicated to the art and technical principles of photography.